Benjamin Skomorac (Bosnien und Herzegowina) was born in Serbia. I finished elementary school as well as Technical High School in Zenica with great success, with a number of honors after graduation, after that I enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zenica, Department of B / h / s Language and Literature. In addition to studying language and literature, I also write short forms of texts, prose and poems. I currently live in Zenica (BiH), a professor of Bosnian language and literature. So far my poems have been published in the collections of Trinity from Gradište (Croatia), Sindjelic's Cagar fire (Serbia), Pannonian seagull (Serbia), Carpe Diem (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Drina literary meetings (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and many others.





Cheap life in pictures hangs on the wall.

I curse the earth,

I'm looking for a return ticket.

From the south,

I put the birds on my palm,

they grumble wildly, they hate me.

Are looking for a stolen soul!

My sculpture is made of paper,

they eat pieces of me,

they eat my soul.

I'm throwing a ticket,

I'm going to another country!