Sonali Chanda (India) is an Indian writer and poet from India. She completed her Post Graduation from Burdwan University in English Literature and Language. She pursued her Degree Course in Wild and Landscape Photography from Delhi School of Photography Institute. She has sofar published three books.




They are all women, so little boned, skinny,


walking through the highway, they don't know where should they go,


the horrors are there in their eyes, in the skies too,


they are all women, they're forming gloomy clouds in their open sky,  so skinny, so malnourished,  some with their babies and little belongings, 


walking through the highway road.

They show how lotus can be bloomed in the swampy waters, 


how their corseted breasts are needed for their little ones,


whose stomachs write metaphors of hunger.
They're all women, working women, somehow managed to get some penny, 


 now abandoned.
I see their bruises and scars over their hands and feet, 


 though lotus feet they're, they've to walk for their earning and shelter, 


they know!
I see their random breathing, their dry lips utterly numb, 


 all they've to say with their blank eyes, migrated women they are, 


walking towards their livelihoods.