Hassan Alnawwab (Iraq / Australia) is a poet and journalist with many collection of poetry in Arabic to his credit. His poetry has been published in a number of magazines and anthologies in Arabic speaking countries. He has won many prizes for his writing and journalistic activities. He is living since 2002 in Australia as a refugee.





Let everything be silent,

All in all,


The birds’ chirrup,

The lovers from exchange kisses,

Hymns and prayers,



for the children

Songs of the people,

Beat of the drums for the wedding

The dancing in the disco,

The cars in the streets

The talk

Let them be silent,

All in all,

Till we hear,

Terrorism steps,

Out from the town.





This exile,

Resembles my homeland,

In goodness and feeling

But the difference is

My homeland has become full of soldiers and bombs,

And this exile has become full of angels and kisses.







Between all the skies,

The sky in my country,

Is Crowded with stars,

Do you know, why?

Because of the abundance of martyrs in my





ليصمت كل شيء 

كل شيء 

زقزقة العصافير 

العشاق من تبادل القبل 

التراتيل ، الصلوات 

صخب الأطفال 

غناء الناس 

قرع الطبول للأعراس 

الرقص في الحانات 

السيارات في الشوارع 


ليصمت كل شيء 

كل شيء 

حتى نسمع 

خطوات الإرهاب 

يخرج من المدينة .





هذا المنفى 

يشبه وطني 

في الطيبة والأحساس 

لكن الأختلاف 

وطني اصبح ممتلئا بالجنود والقنابل 

وهذا المنفى ممتلئا بالملائكة والقبلات .







بين كل السماوات 

السماء في بلدي 

مزدحمة بالنجوم 

هل تعرفون لماذا؟ 

لغزارة الشهداء في وطني !