Carlos Vitale (Argentina/Spain) has a degree in Spanish Literature and Italian Literature. His books of poetry include Unidad de lugar, Descortesía del suicida, Cuaderno de l'Escala / Quadern de l'Escala, Fuera de casa, El poeta más crítico y otros poetas italianos and Duermevela. He has also translated many Italian and Catalan poets into Spanish. He has participated en festivals, readings and poetry events in Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Armenia, etc. In 2015 he won the “VI Premio José Luis Giménez-Frontín” prize for his contribution to bringing together diverse cultures. He lives in Barcelona.








In the end

there’s just one

address left

to erase.






It happens, you say it, you live it, relive it.

It happens, you don’t say it, you forget it.

It happens, you don’t say it.





Al final
sólo queda
una dirección 
que borro.
Ocurre, lo dices, lo vives, revives
Ocurre, no lo dices, lo olvidas.
Ocurre, no lo dices.

Translated from Spanish by Kymm Coveney


Kymm Coveney was born in Boston, earned a BA in Modern English and Spanish Literature (Wheaton College, Massachusetts) in 1981, and has lived in Spain since the 1982 World Cup. Co-host of Barcelona’s multilingual poetry recital series, PoémameBCN, she is a freelance writer and translator, as well as habitual translation slam moderator for MET (Mediterranean Editors and Translators).