Yogesh Patel (India/UK) has received an MBE for literature in the Queen’s New Year Honours list 2020. Internationally celebrated, he edits Skylark and runs Skylark Publications UK as well as a non-profit Word Masala project to promote South-Asian diaspora literature. Previously he has received the Freedom of the City of London. With LP records, films, radio, children’s book, fiction and non-fiction books, and three poetry collections to his credit, he is a recipient of many awards, including an honour in April 2019 at New York University as a Poet-of-Honor. Amidst many venues, he has read in the House of Lords and at the National Poetry Library.  His writing has appeared in many important literary journals, including PN Review, The London Magazine, Asia Literary Review, Under the Radar, Shearsman, IOTA, Envoi, Understanding, Orbis, The Book Review, Confluence, on BBC TV and Radio, in newspapers, and more. His work also features in The National Curriculum anthology, MacMillan, Sahitya Akademi and numerous other anthologies across the world. By profession, Yogesh is a qualified optometrist and an accountant.










 There is a crow on the roof             

 looking around for flesh             

 he cares little for mere skin            

 when you see a man             

 looking at your skin, not at you             

 you begin to love the crow


 the crow knows             

 that flesh is better than skin









Only if Abhimanyu knew!

The name of the seventh war zone is



And there is no way out

(If Krishna knew

He had refrained in silence)














Those few

Rising from a pyramid


To fill the sky


Under their

Gargantuan height, deformity


The world prevails crushed





લોહિયાળ પંજા


છત પર એક કાગડો છે

માંસ શોધે છે

એને ચામડીમાં રસ નથી

પરંતુ જ્યારે જ્યારે તમે માણસને

તમારી ત્વચા સામે જોતો જુઓ છો

તમને સહેજે કાગડા પર વહાલ ઊભરાઇ આવે છે


કારણકે કાગડો જરૂર જાણે છે:

ચામડી કરતાં માંસ વધુ ઉત્તમ છે!





અભિમન્યુને ખબર હોત તો-

કે સાતમા કોઠાનું

નામ છે



અને લંડનની બહાર

જતો નથી

એક્કે રસ્તો







ફલાણા જણ

પિરામિડમાંથી ઊભા થઈ

આખું આકાશ ભરવા

જાય છે.


એમનાં રાક્ષસી કદ તથા વિકૃતિ



જગત કચડાયા કરે છે.

Translated from Gujarati to English by the poet