Linda Morales Caballero (Peru/USA) is a professor, journalist and writer born in Lima, Peru. Morales Caballero is a Cum Laude graduate from Hunter College, CUNY with a bachelor’s degree in Media Communication, Literary Criticism and a master’s degree in Hispanic American Literature. Her articles have been published in magazines and newspapers such as: Caretas and El Comercio from Lima, Perú; La Tribuna Hispana and from New York. She has also co-hosted and co-produced radio programs in the same city. As a lyricist she has themes with Maestro, Lucho Neves and is a member of ASCAP. She was also the co-founder of the LAIA International Literary Competition and Anthology, and the literary group: Fuego de Luna.







 The kiss or The Mourners


The kiss of death

stopped every fear

every doubt,

the trembling

of future consequences

drawn in my hands.


This kiss cures all

those little daily stings,

passing aches

that otherwise torment us.


The kiss cures us

from all material weights,

though somehow

it leaves behind some pain

in those who sip

the after taste of its tears.





So long

one more time.

Your absence

turns a key in my heart,

a lucid deja-vu

that combustions my scene.

I stumble over and over

the same question...

But we continue to be

two riddles made flesh,

conspiring birds

looking for delusional answers

without pain.





 El beso de los deudos


El beso de la muerte

detuvo todo miedo,

toda duda,

el temblor de las consecuencias futuras

dibujadas en mis manos.


El beso lo cura todo,

esas pequeñas picaduras cotidianas,

pasajeros dolores

que, de otra manera, atormentan.


Ese beso cura de todos

los pesos materiales,

aunque de alguna manera

deje dolor

en los que van sorbiendo

el regusto

de sus lágrimas. 






una vez más.

Tu ausencia

retuerce una llave en mi corazón,

un lúcido deja-vu

que combustiona mi escena.

Tropiezo una y otra vez

con la misma pregunta...

Pero seguimos siendo

dos acertijos hechos carne,

pájaros conspiradores

en busca de delirantes respuestas

sin dolor.



Translated from spanisch to English by the poet