Ranu Uniyal (India) is Professor of English at University of Lucknow. An author of six books, her articles and book reviews have been published widely. Her poetry has appeared in many magazines including Mascara Literary Review (Australia), Jaggery, Medulla Review, Sketch Book, Setu, Twenty 20, Whispers (USA), Littlewood Press (UK). She has published three poetry collections: Across the Divide (2006), December Poems (2012) and the most recent The Day We Went Strawberry Picking in Scarborough (2018).








As I return from my voyage

the streets of my city carry a tangy flavour

Each leaf, each gust of air

smells with a renewed vigour

and every smile redolent with relief

now that home is here

no inquest

nor an urgency

the name of my city is relief,



Translated  to English  by the poet





लौट कर आते हैं जब भी

सफर से हम

अपने शहर की गलियां

और भी नमकीन लगने लगती हैं

हर पत्ता हर हवा का झोंका

पुरजोशी से महकता है

और हर मुस्कराहट इस

अहसास से भरपूर लगती है कि

घर आ गया अब कोई तफ़्तीश नहीं

कोई अर्जेन्सी नहीं

मेरे शहर का असली नाम ही सुकून है शायद।