Shruti Mishra (India) is a Lucknow-based writer, traslator and a scholar in the Department of English and Modern European Languages at the University of Lucknow. She is extremely passionate about writing poetry specifically love poems and sonnets. Her works have previously been published in various online journals and newspapers. Her area of research includes Bohemian poetry and love lyrics.




My City



My city is the reflection of my dreams,

Which I carry with vigour in my bright eyes

Complementing the audacity I have in my personality,

Darling, it’s the window to the endless love I hold.


I go all over the world

To conquer my ambitions

It’s my city the soul of my very being,

That moves along with me.


It constantly reminds me of the mettle I hold

In order to prove to the world “Who I Am!”

Yes, my existence matters!