Alex Plescan (Romania/Australia) is a Romanian writer who lives in New Zealand. Born in 1967, he made his debut in literary magazines in 1981. Alex published prose, poetry, essay and critique and one of his plays was staged in Bucharest for three years. He is a co-founder of the Literary Club, a new aesthetical movement launch in Romania in the early 90s. Alex writes in Romanian and English. His latest book is SANDU - short stories, published by Tracus Arte in 2016.









a crab-apple tree

crooked over a filthy culvert

strongly believes that its fruits

are the most advanced children

in the universe

fancy that

you and i

just useful dutiful boring parasites

on this planet

we didn’t even fuck enough on



(Written during the exploding phase of the coronavirus pandemic 2020, March 16th)




un măr sălbatic

strâmb crescând lângă un șanț împuțit

e convins că fructele lui sunt

cea mai avansată creație

din universuite

eu și cu tine

corecți sclavi corecți paraziți

pe planeta asta

nici măcar

nu ne-am futut destul