Rati Saxena (India) is a poet, writer,  translator, Editor and vedic scholar, writes in Hindi and English. Presently lives in Trivandrum , Kerala, India. She is also festival Director of kritya International poetry festival for 10 years. Rati Saxena is writing in three directions. she has done research and explores the cultural, philosophical and historical aspects of ancient India through study of Vedas. She has published a number of papers on related subjects. She holds an eminent place in world poetry and writes in Hindi. Apart from these subjects, she writes travelogues and criticism too.









The city that didn’t speak your tongue

Which one could understand even while asleep

The sound of the tongue clicking on the palate

Coming through the lips like a whistle

Leaving you feeling lonely

In a matter of seconds the city turns into a jungle

And people begin plucking leaves from the tree



The tongue is not your maid

Who swims in your ear like a fish

The history of centuries

Ground on the millstone

To a fine paste like chutney

Savoured with bread


For months now I have been living without my language

I fear my words don’t pull over a sheet and sleep off coffined

And will be left behind without a language









he started taking down the one after another

small pieces of skies  from his roof top


a  piece of sunlight , which entered forcefully from the window

and the tin shop standing in the corner the lane



he started taking down the pink cloth hanging on cloth line

the aroma of wheat from the oven



he started waking, he stated running, swimming

and when his soles touched the earth


he could see so many holes on the sky like tent top

though his own sky was missing

sound of tin, and the aroma of the baking wheat


now he could understood that

he lost his own citizenship