Enayat Shahir (Afganistan / USA) born in Faryab province of Afghanistan on 03/11/1986. He lives in USA.




Farsi/ Dari


Someone washes his hands of poem.
Hereafter, mind of a prison goes silent.

A mind full of birds
A mind full of risks
Spread in the poem
Voice of a vulture.

There sat a raven on a corpse
And said to himself:
You must return hungry after
You arrive there.

Daily work kills
In isolation at last.
Drink this Friday, sir!
You are on vacation!

Your every climax is a tragedy.
How did you feel
When the circus started?


 از شعر دست مى كشد امروز ها كسى
خاموش مى شود پس از اين ذهن محبسى
ذهنى پر از پرنده و ذهنى پر از خطر
در شعر پخش مى شود آواز كركسى
ساغى نشست بر سر نعشى به خويش گفت:
بايد گرسنه گشت، در آخر كه مى رسى...
هر روز كار مى كشد آخر در انزوا
اين جمعه را بنوش كه آقا مرخصى...
پايان هر نمايش غم بار حسرت است
احساس تان چه بود در آغاز سركسى





Hamed Khawary, the translator, was born and brought up in Afganistan. He works as a human rights officer for UNO. In addition to his own writing he translates from Farsi and Dari into English. Presently, he is living in Netherlands. He is quite popular for his poetry  among the young generation of Afgans..