Ibrahim Amini( Afganistan/ Austria) lives in Austria, He is from Afghanistan. He writes in Persian/Dari.


Persian / Dari

You came
I was not home
In fact, I was nowhere.

I was there!
In the white handkerchief
People just buried a young
false acacia.

I was there
Such as the time
When mother wore a burka
Went to the city to bring Food

و آمدی
من خانه نبودم
اصلاً من هیچ جا نبودم
بودم راستی!
بین یک دستمال سفید
مردم اکاسی جوانی را دفن کرده بودند
مثل زمانی که مادر «چادری» می‌پوشید
می‌رفت تا از شهر خرید کند






Hamed Khawary, the translator, was born and brought up in Afganistan. He works as a human rights officer for UNO. In addition to his own writing he translates from Farsi and Dari into English. Presently, he is living in Netherlands. He is quite popular for his poetry among the young generation of Afgans.