Goran Meriwani (kurdistan / Belgien) b.1957 is a Kurdish poet who has been quite active on Kurdish literary during the 1970s. In late 1970s he escaped the Baath regime for political reasons and so did he disappear for a while from the literary scene. But, despite a break in his public poetic activities for a long while he continued to write in private. His comeback through the social media networks is accompanied by simple poetic picture of the time bygone and a nostalgic yearning for the past.





Being in love!



I wish, just now, I was at the beach

Lying down

As the only soul

Without anyone

Looking at the depth of the sky



I wish, just now, I was at the beach

Stripped fully naked

Without feeling the guilt

Of the creator’s dissatisfaction



I wish, just now

With the sea

Without being shy


Covering up with the hot sea’s sand

To overcome our shyness



I wish just now

On the beach

There were only her and I

The sea and I

Just the two of us

Were together

To look deep in her blue eyes

And whisper in her ears:


Oh sea

Are you also in love with me?





خۆزگەم ئێستا لە کەناری دەریا

 ‌                         دەبووم.

 ‌                        پاڵدەکەوتم،

 ‌                       تەک و تەنیا.

 ‌                       بێ هیچ رۆحێک،(١)

 ‌                       لە ئاسمانی قووڵم دەڕوانی.



 ‌                       خۆزگەم ئێستا لە کەناری دەریا

 ‌                       خۆم رووت و قووت

 ‌                       دەکردەوە.

 ‌                       لە چاو سوورکردنەوەی پەروەردگاریش

 ‌                       تەریق نە دەبوومەوە.



 ‌                      خۆزگەم ئێستا

 ‌                      لەگەڵ دەریا،

 ‌                      بێ هیچ شەرمێ

 ‌                      بە یەکەوە،

 ‌                      دەچووینە ناو تەختی (٢)

 ‌                      لمی گەرمی کەنار و،

 ‌                     شەرممان لە یەک دەشکا.



 ‌                     خۆزگەم ئێستا

 ‌                     لە کەناری دەریا

 ‌                     من و ئەو،

 ‌                     من و دەریا،

 ‌                     پێکەوە دەبووین.

 ‌                     چاوم دەبڕیە چاوە شینەکانی

 ‌                     بە چرپە بە گوێییمدا دەچرپاند:

                      ئەی دەریا!

 ‌                     ئەرێ ئەتۆش عاشقی منی؟


1‌)-    بێ هیچ رۆحێک:  بێ هیچ هاودەمێ

‌2)-    تەخت: چەرپا