Nasir Nadim (Afganistan/Turkey) a poet and writer from Afghanistan. Born in Balkh and presently living in exile in Turkey.





Farsi / Dari

With a bullet, they flew all away

from my shoulders. Men ran away.

Tanks came and the jets flew away.

Villlages burnt to ashes.

Men returned, but the birds..

The sun shined.

Wind continued to blow. It rained.

Water flowed; flowed

Went away;

I however am a tall standing tree

beside the river.



با شلیکی از شانههایم پریدند. انسانها فرار کردند. تانک ها آمدند و هوا پیما ها پرواز کردند. قریهها آتش گرفتند. 

انسانها برگشتند، اما پرندهها... 

آفتاب همچنان تابید. باد همچنان وزید. باران هچنان بارید. آب همچنان رفت


رفت. من اما پا برجا درختی هستم - در کنار رود.



Hamed Khawary, the translator, was born and brought up in Afganistan. He works as a human rights officer for UNO. In addition to his own writing he translates from Farsi and Dari into English. Presently, he is living in Netherlands. He is quite popular for his poetry among the young generation of Afgans.